A Chance for European UniversitiesShould European universities not far better contribute to a more vibrant Europe which attracts the worlds creative and enterprising minds?

On 16th of June 2010, the occasion of the publication of A Chance for European Universities, twenty eminent thinkers and practitioners of higher education came together  to draft a Manifesto: Empower European Universities.

Universities could be a major force to address and overcome the crises which affect the future of a viable, creative, social and innovative Europe: the financial crisis, one of sustainability and one of demography, if indeed they are allowed to and feel pressed to realize their full potential.

European Commissioner Vassiliou received the manifesto from Dr. Ritzen, together with his recent book: A Chance for European Universities. She strongly supports the statements of the Manifesto and will bring them into the Europe 2020 strategy, while realizing that European member state governments consider education first and foremost to be subject of subsidiarity.

You can download the Manifesto from this website.

To order a copy of A Chance for European Universities go to www.aup.nl

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